Man Hauled To Court For Seizing His Own Children

Man Hauled To Court For Seizing His Own Children

Sovereign Osei, a 38-year-old driver, who is blamed for seizing his two children has showed up under the watchful eye of an Accra Circuit Court.

Osei is said to have picked the children after close of school on March 23, this year, and neglected to tell the police, the whereabouts of the two youngsters.

Showing up under the watchful eye of the court today, Osei vowed to create them on April 9.

Osei is being hung on two tallies of capturing his children matured 11 and seven, and two includes of participating in aggressive behavior at home indeed – a direct or conduct that jeopardizes the security and prosperity of someone else.

He has argued not liable.

The court was informed that it had been six years when Osei purportedly deserted the children and their mum.

Blamed through his direction, William Brown demonstrated that the children would be in Accra on Thursday, April 8, this year and guaranteed the court that the kids would be brought to court on April 9.

The indictment, driven by Chief Inspector Kofi Atimbire, went against to the award of bail, saying the children had not been found and as whether they were alive the Police didn’t have the foggiest idea.

The court managed by Christina Cann, remanded Osei into authority to return on April 9.

The indictment’s case is that the complainant, Catherine Agyapong, is a merchant and the casualties are her natural kids and they all inhabited Bubuashie in Accra.

The investigator said Osei dwelled at Bubuahie and he is the dad of the people in question.

As per Chief Inspector Atimbire, the complainant and the charged individual were hitched however for as long as six years, the complainant didn’t have the foggiest idea about the whereabouts of the denounced.

The indictment said on March 23, this year, at about 7:00 am, the complainant sent the casualties to class at Ayigbe Town, close to Bubuashie and left for work.

Boss Inspector Atimbire said that very day, at 7:00 pm, the complainant got back from work and the casualties couldn’t be found.

The complainant looked for the children inside her area however she didn’t discover them and was told by a companion that Osei had taken the children to Kumasi.

The indictment said examinations uncovered that on March 23, this year, at about 3:30 pm when the casualties had shut from school and were getting back, the denounced abducted them at Ayigbe Town, close to Bubuashie and without the assent of the complainant took them to Kumasi.

On March 28, this year, at about 7:05 am, the complainant and others captured Osei and accompanied him to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit (DOVVSU) Kaneshie and revealed the matter.

At the point when he was tested over the whereabouts of the children, he neglected to unveil same to the Police.


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