Accra Occupants To Encounter More Awful Dumsor From May

Accra Occupants To Encounter More Awful Dumsor From May

Ghanaians in Accra would need to accept themselves for heightened power cuts as it has been affirmed that the circumstance could stretch out to May 2021.

The Energy Minister Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh has along these lines asked GRIDCo and the Electricity Company of Ghana to set up a plan for the heap shedding exercise.

As indicated by him, it is just suitable for the authorities in the energy area to impart fittingly and fortuitously reasons why occupants in the capital would encounter blackouts.

He said this at a gathering where the two establishments met to consider on the matter.

He said from May, there would precise blackouts and in the light of that, they have been approached to design and advise the individuals who might be influenced early.

He clarified that the framework redesign being done is the thing that has required the blackouts and it isn’t dumsor as placed by pundits of the public authority.

He added that he would brief Cabinet on what is happening in the energy area.

A few pieces of Ghana will before long experience discontinuous blackouts to empower specialists and project workers work on some substation plants the nation over.

GRIDCo and the ECG have been drawing in with one another over an arrangement to deliver a heap shedding schedule to empower individuals in influenced zones plan for the heap shedding.

The arranged upkeep work on the substation plants has gotten basic to totally resolve the test of blockage.

“Only two days prior, I got a letter from MiDA [Millennium Development Authority], who are helping redesign the Pokuase and Kasoa substations.

“They educated me that the advancement of the substation is to such an extent that in the long stretch of May, there will be deliberate blackouts, along these lines, we have welcomed both ECG and GRIDCo and in the light of that, let us sit and design and speak with individuals who will be influenced path before it occurs”, he said.


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