Swarm Of Bees Sacks The Residents Of Abelenkpe

Swarm Of Bees Sacks The Residents Of Abelenkpe

A bee hive has mounted on a tree at the Wristberg Street close to Mainland Hotel along the Trotro Street inside Abelenpke, Accra.

Inhabitants in the space are frightened and feel they could be assaulted by the honey bees.

At the point when Rainbow Radio visited the scene the bee hive has constrained inhabitants to escape the territory.

In the interim, Safety Advocate Daniel Asuku and the President of NASACA has asked the occupants nearby to stay cool and trip the region with alert.

“We need to approach authorities of the Ghana National Fire Service and Wildlife Society to consider taking care of this since occupants of the area are terrified by this as of now,” he said.

He likewise approached the Environmental Protection Agency and Wildlife Society to take care of the circumstance.


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