Alleged Robber Challenges Investigator Over Recommendation On Case Docket

Alleged Robber Challenges Investigator Over Recommendation On Case Docket

A supposed burglar has tested a Police Prosecutor over Attorney General’s recommendation for a situation in which he and two others had looted and assaulted their casualties at firearm point.

Ismael Akyene also known as Israel Nana Damascus told the Kaneshie District Court that he didn’t comprehend why he was summoned at a Circuit Court in Accra and now moved the case under the watchful eye of the District Court.

As per Akyene, the Attorney General had offered its guidance on his case agenda and tested the Prosecution for sending the agenda again to the AG for exhortation.

Police Prosecutor Chief Inspector Simon Apiorsornu educated the District Court that charged people were before it forthcoming the committal procedures and that the Police had likewise sent the case agenda to the AG’s office for counsel.

Boss Inspector Apiorsornu implored the Court to peruse out the charges and realities since it was a “committal case”.

As indicated by him, the requests of the blamed be protected.

This didn’t go down well with Akyene and he brought up issues about the AG’s recommendation.

“My Lord, Please I was put under the steady gaze of Circuit Court one and the Attorney General exhort was gotten.”

The District Court managed by Ms. Ama Adomako Kwakye asked the denounced what the counsel was.

Blamed: “The guidance was that we are to be accused of theft and assault.”

The District Court judge disclosed to the blamed that on the grounds that there were charges for assault, the Circuit Court didn’t have the ward to attempt the matter.

As per the appointed authority, the case should be put under the steady gaze of the region court for committal, so they could stand preliminary at the High Court.

Akyene is being investigated with Daniel Akpan otherwise known as Nseh and Asuquo Mbuotidem Edem otherwise known as Faith, on charges of trick, thirteen tallies of theft and seven checks of assault.

The matter has been deferred to May 3.

Current realities as described by indictment are that the complainant is a British National and a proprietress of a firm name retained at Kokrobite, Accra. Akyene lives at Kasoa, Akpan and Edem are Nigerians living at Kwashieman, Accra. The casualties some of whom are instructors and understudies from the United Kingdom.

Indictment said on December 7, 2018, every one of the casualties with the exception of the complainant and another showed up from the UK and they were totally passed on in a transport from the Kotoka worldwide Airport to the complainant’s home at Kokrobite.

Indictment said on December 8, 2018, at about 1:05 am, the charged people equipped with guns and cutlasses went into the casualties’ rooms.

Blamed people requested the people in question and the complainant to lie at inclined situations on the floor and cover the appearances with covers.

Indictment said blamed people burglarized the casualties for different unfamiliar monetary standards, arranged bits of gems and grouped cell phones and catapulted.

As per arraignment, denounced people after the theft additionally alternated to assault the six casualties matured 16 and 38 years.

Clinical report structures were additionally given to the casualty to look for clinical consideration.

Arraignment said on December 8, 2018, at about 6:03 am, Akyene and Edem went with a private vehicle to CAL Bank, Gbawe branch with a bank card having a place with one of the casualty to pull out cash. A CCTV caught blamed people and the mechanized Teller machine alarmed the person in question.

On March 9, 2019, examinations prompted the capture of Akyene at Akweley, close to Kasoa and he referenced Akpan as their chief. Akyene drove the Police to capture Akpan.

Indictment said Akyene and Akpan drove the Police to capture Edem however Edem on seeing the Police got away.

The investigator said Akpan likewise drove the Police to a hedge in Haatso where three guns, alongside metal bar cleavers and enormous shaper which they utilized in their burglary activities, were recovered.

On April 5, 2019, the Prosecutor said a capture warrant was gotten and a removal warrant was set up by the Attorney General to empower Edem to be removed to Ghana.

A distinguishing proof motorcade was held and the complainant recognized Akyene and Akpan as a feature of individuals who burglarized and assaulted her and the other casualty.

On August 21, a year ago, Nigerian Interpol removed Edem to Ghana to deal with indictments. Edem during examinations conceded having submitted the offense with Akyene and Akpan at Kokrobite.

Arraignment said Buccal trades of the denounced people were acquired and sent to the United Kingdom for measurable DNA test on the charges of assault.

The test, arraignment said inferred that blamed people had sexual relations for the people in question.

“A copy case agenda has been arranged and sent to the Office of the Attorney General anticipating their recommendation,” Prosecutor said.


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