Date Rush: My Mum Sells Indomie So What? Rose Replies And [email protected] Critics (Video)

Date Rush: My Mum Sells Indomie So What? Rose Replies And [email protected] Critics (Video)

Rose, of Date Rush fame, has responded to criticisms leveled at her following the broadcast of the ‘Date Rush Reunion’ episode on TV3.

If you recall, Rose stated that she does not prefer trotro and instead prefers uber or bolt, but her date can only afford trotro.
She was severely reprimanded as a result of this incident.

Following that, a report began circulating claiming that she is not the person she portrays herself to be.
Rose, according to the report, used trotro for school and her mother sells indomie.

In response, Owusu Konadu Rose stated in an exclusive interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show that it is not wrong if her mother sells indomie or food to support her.

She confirmed that her mother sells indomie, rice, banku, and other items.
Rose responded that she chose trotro for school when she was at level 100 during her days at GH Media School.

She went on to say that there are stages in life, and it’s not a bad thing if she chose trotro in the past.
Rose also explained why she is sometimes referred to as Khadija.

The full interview can be found below.


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