Broadday light robbery in Takoradi

One killed

*Takoradi: Broad day light robbery*

Just as when the people of Takoradi were busily going about their day to day business activities at the market circle,all they could hear were several warning shots by armed robbers in the afternoon about 2:35 pm according to eyewitnesses.

The robbers got a tip off that a man had gone to the bank to cash out huge sums of money.

The victim now deceased had packed his car around the Anaji trotro station in the market circle with his wife patiently waiting for him in the car.

According to eye witnesses, the robbers rushed to the car, forcefully opened the car gate having seen the man returned from the bank with the money.

The eyewitnesses stated that the armed robbers numbering about three got hold of the money bag trying to whisk the bag away from the man in the car.

This became a difficult tussle for the robbers because the man was resisting. Suddenly, one of the robbers went over the other side of the car gate and shot the man severally on the chest killing the man instantly, the wife also sustained several gun wounds and now receiving treatment at the hospital.
The robbers sped off with the money in a continuous warning shots in the air causing every person at the market fearing for their lives.


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