Naval Officer Stabs Another Soldier over wife

Something they say must kill a man.The ills of the society is far from stopping.

In latest development,a Naval officer,

Umar Sahid Abubakar has been arrested


for inflicting knife wounds on an Air force officer, reason being that


, the air force officer,Bernard Ababio was caught having sex with the navy officer’s wife by name Linda Akosua Buabeng.

This incident occurred at keta in sekondi.
The naval officer could not control his


temper upon seeing the sexual act to his wife.

That erupted into a serious brawl between the two officers resulting in the victim,an airforce officer, Ababio

sustaining cheek wounds and back waist wounds whiles the naval officer

sustained index finger wounds from biting.

The naval officer after the incident rushed to the police station nearby to lodge complaint of assault. Whiles the naval

officer was writing his statement the airforce officer,Bernard Ababio also

arrived at the police station to complain, that was was when the naval officer was

arrested for assault.

The victim,Bernard Ababio has since been given police medical form to go for treatment.




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