Abena Moet Describes Her Marriage as terrible

I Regret Marrying, Abena Moet Drops Bombshell Few Weeks After Marriage (Video)

Just some few weeks ago, vociferous

Despite Media Presenter, Abena Moet tied the knot with her long time boyfriend

in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Fast forward, just some few weeks later, Abena Moet has dropped a new video

online and fans are really worried if her

utterances in the video are to be taken seriously.

In the said video, Abena Moet indicated that she had regretted marrying after all the pressure and has found out that marriage is not what people think it is.

She also claimed that all her husband has been doing to her is making her run errands.

I her first month of marriage, everyone expected Abena to be one of the happiest women in the world but that does not seem to be the case.

Watch the video below


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