Asuama Yeboah: Meet One Of Ghana’s Youngest Chartered Accountant At 19 Years

Asuama Yeboah: Meet One Of Ghana's Youngest Chartered Accountant At 19 Years

A young Ghanaian prodigy, Asuama Yeboah has become the country’s youngest ever Chartered Accountant after successfully passing the Chartered Professional Accountants Examinations at the age of 19 in 2020.

Asuama Yeboah achieved this significant milestone as a third year student of the University of Ghana where he offered Finance and Economics.

He currently holds a Chartered Investment Foundation credential from CFA Global and has been a member or student of the Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana since 2018.

He possesses in-depth knowledge about CFDs (contracts for difference) and, had already became a professional entrepreneur at the age of 17.

Asuama has a diverse entrepreneurial investment portfolio. Among his notable accomplishments are ownership of a fast-food restaurant at the University of Ghana, membership of the end-poverty-now campaign, forestry, OTA financial services, and others.

Young Asuama completed the Odorgonno Senior High where he was offered the General Arts option.
In 2017, he was admitted to the University of Ghana, and in 2018, he entered the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana and the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Ghana.

From an interview conducted by our outfit, Asuama disclosed that the main reason he entered these institutions was because of the outcome of his first course, at the university ‘Econ 101’ of which he got an F.
This was quickly followed by a C and a D in math and this scared his as a young level 100 student.

Following this, Asuama indicated that he began inquiring about the possibility of attending two or three institutions.

Upon advice from friends and family, Asuama realized that he could do both and did not have to stop UG.
According to Asuama, things were not all that rosy and as such he decided to take on on some small teaching positions.

He then saved the little he made for three months, but wasn’t enough to get him enrolled for ICA.
At this point, Asuama mustered the courage to tell his father, despite the fact that he knew he would be of little assistance.

Asuama disclosed during the interview that at this point, his dad didn’t understand why he wanted to join ICA when he told him, but he had his own personal reasons.

Asuama in the course of the conversation also chipped in that at that time had a lot of business ideas but no money.

However, light came at the end of the tunnel when he mate some friends at a business summit who decided to give his idea a try.

They came together to open a local restaurant on campus called ‘Obama Beans’.

It was at this point that Asuama’s father promised to contribute to his ICAG tuition.

Interestingly Asuama disclosed that his grades at UG became very good during his first semester as an ICAG undergraduate.

At this point, Asuama also realized he could do several tasks at once, so after the first semester break, he also signed up for CIBGH and took their level 1 exams.

At the time, Asuama also indicated that he was still researching about the cryptocurrency market, which was booming.

According to young Asuama one friend of his identified as Frank Osei Tutu contributed massively to shaping his career as he advised him to write CFA foundation exams. Frank also helped Asuama secure an internship positions at the Ministry of Finance, KPMG Australia (Virtual) and Grant Thorton Australia (Virtual) after school.

Upon being quizzed on the challenges he faced, Asuama indicated that he was normally doing too many things at the same time and that affected him a lot so he had to study ICAG courses himself.

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