Akuapem Poloo’s Lawyer Reveals How He Convinced Her Son That She Was Not In Jail (Video)

Akuapem Poloo's Lawyer Reveals How He Convinced Her Son That She Was Not In Jail (Video)

Following the prison sentence of Ghanaian actress and social media sensation Akuapem Poloo, many Ghanaians have expresses about the concerns of her young son.

Being the sole breadwinner of her household, the arrest of Akuapem Poloo is likely to have an enormous effect on her son both financially and psychologically.

For the financial aspect, it seems to be covered as it was earlier reported that some good Samaritans had promised to give the young boy 2,000 cedis every month till her mum returns from jail.

The worry of Ghanaians now has to do with the psychological impact it is likely to have on the young boy.

In order tohelp the young boy cope, Lawyer Andrew Kudzo Vortia, who happens to be the legal counsel of social media sensation, Akuapem Poloo has revealed that her seven-year-old son is currently living with him (Andrew Kudzo Vortia).

Speaking on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, the lawyer indicated that he had managed to convince the young boy that his mother was not in jail.

“I have told him mummy is going to do some acting work. I have created an impression that what is happening is part of the role that she is playing. So the son thinks the mother is acting,” he added.


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