“The Congregation Misuses Individuals, And Use Them As Workers” – Gentleman Drops More Filla On Lighthouse Chapel

"The Congregation Misuses Individuals, And Use Them As Workers" – Gentleman Drops More Filla On Lighthouse Chapel

“The congregation misuses individuals, and use them as workers” – Gentleman drops more filla on Lighthouse Chapel; exhorts individuals not to adore there [Details]

Following the aftermaths from the Lighthouse Chapel and how a previous individual from the congregation is blaming the Founder, Dag Heward-Mills of bad behaviors, an honorable man has additionally shared his unpleasant experience.

As per this refined man recognized as Larry, he won’t encourage anybody to venerate with the Lighthouse Chapel since they are exceptionally shady and bowed on the development of the congregation to the detriment of the individuals.

Sharing his exp[erinece on Twitter, Larry said he had worked a lot as a worker to construct the Lighthouse Church. He committed his time, his assets and surprisingly his home to the congregation yet eventually, he understood he left on a hot goose pursue… the quest for nothingness.

As per him, the congregation transforms its individuals into workers and slyly and cunningly get them to do their offering for the sake of “building the congregation”. He added that he laments truly joining the Lighthouse Chapel and burning through his chance to assemble a congregation that has no compassion toward its individuals.

Closing his experience, he said he is happy he has returned to his faculties and could never step in progress at Lighthouse Chapel or urge anybody to do as such.

This isn’t the first run through distressed individuals or previous individuals from the congregation have gotten down on their Head Pastor and Founder. A couple of years prior, a few ministers who left the Lighthouse Chapel came out to express that Dag Heward-Mills is manipulative and pressured them into doing what they were not prepared for.

They blamed the minister for investigating individuals and utilizing them for his offering without bringing their government assistance into legitimate thought.

Peruse His Story Below:

Lmaoo individuals are currently hearing the abuse going on in Lighthouse ??? These individuals genuine made them go about as workers, blending concrete and conveying blocks for the sake of ‘building the congregation’. There was this one time, we needed to ad lib and make a switch utilizing ropes and containers – 1

My back hurt, my palms were brimming with rankles yet hello – Work for the Lord. In the wake of ‘building’ that congregation without any preparation, the minister around then, Reverend Adigbo was moved to Togo, to begin over again! hello have this pleasant way or constraining you – 2

I adored a couple of squares from the congregation so these individuals utilized each least chance to ask us for stuff. From water barrels and plastic seats they broke, to ‘benefiting’ our home as a ‘Buscell’ meeting focus. You should respect their manipulative plans. Top. – 3

Individuals could genuine barge into my room without notice on the grounds that hello – Brother Abeeku, it’s the ideal opportunity for chapel gathering. That rubbish halted when I cussed one woman out and took steps to deliver the canine on them. Bruh that congregation will deplete you of your whole funds – 4

From their first contribution to Boosters, to Honor thy Prophet, to supporting Healing Jesus crusades, all from individuals pockets. The exact opposite place I’d at any point gone to would be a beacon church, They would USE you, till you’re of next to zero advantages, at that point push you back to the corner

This was me. A few years prior. Profoundly indoctrinated by these rats. Loaded up with the ‘soul’ when I visited the Anagkazo Bible whatever. Say thanks to God for awful bitches who took me back to my faculties.


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