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Rev. Obofour Exposes Agradaa’s Wicked Motive Of Repenting & Its Shocking (Video)

Rev. Obofour Exposes Agradaa's Wicked Motive Of Repenting & Its Shocking (Video)

Following the repentance of Ghanaian fetish priest, Nana Agradaa after her release, a lot of Ghanaians have been thrown into a state of confusion with most Ghanaians claiming she is just pretending.

Arch rival of Nana Agradaa, Rev. Obofour also shares the same doubts as he has come out to publicly indicate that the repentance of Nana Agradaa is fake.

He, just like many Ghanaians believe she is just changing methods to a more reliable and believed way of duping people off their money.

The founder of the Anointed Palace Church made this claim in a video he posted on his Twitter page.



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