Afia Schwar Fearlessly !nsults Ghanaians For The #FixTheCountty Campaign (Video)

Afia Schwar Fearlessly !nsults Ghanaians For The #FixTheCountty Campaign (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger, the self-proclaimed Queen of Comedy, has added her voice to the ongoing mockery of the Incumbent NPP Government’s efforts to alleviate the country’s hardships.

For the past few days, the Twitter hashtag #fixTheCountry” has been trending. Ghanaians have used the hashtag to urge the government to address the country’s issues, such as rising fuel costs, inadequate schooling, health, and infrastructure, and, finally, the country’s economy.

In a notice to the Ghana Police Service about the expected rally, the party stated that “the demonstration, which is a single purpose action, is being organized on the back of a series of repeatedly broken commitments by successive governments; and in the exercise of our democratic rights as citizens to demonstrate our outrage over perennial Governmental inaction, failure, and/or unwillingness to repair the country.”

In response, Afia Schwarzenegger took to Instagram and posted a series of videos criticizing Ghanaians for being hypocritical.

According to Afia, many of those moaning about repairing the nation are involved in a variety of illegal practices.

“You are charging Ghc 10,000 to issue people into customs and immigration, taking bribes to do express passport yet we blame the government for the bad economy”. she said in one of the videos.

Watch video below;

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