Ghanaian Lady Destroys Husband’s Posh Car After She Found Him Cheating (Video)

Ghanaian Lady Destroys Husband's Posh Car After She Found Him Cheating (Video)

A enraged wife sparked a commotion after discovering that her husband is having extramarital relations with other women.

Hell hath no wrath like a scorned virgin! And one lady demonstrated this by burning her husband’s car with her bare hands.

A video of a woman smashing her husband’s car in retaliation for a supposed affair has gone viral on the Internet.

According to local media sources, the unidentified woman became enraged after spotting her husband with a teenage mistress.

Instead of just leaving the tumultuous marriage like a lady or resolving the problem with her husband like a grown-up, she chose to reiterate, and her decisions have shocked Netizens.

A mind-blowing video circulated online shows the betrayed woman ripping her husband’s car apart as he stands helplessly by.

She yelled like a lunatic before pulling off the bumper as neighbors looked on from a safe distance.



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