My Wife Is Smarter Than All The Ladies On Date Rush – Ignatius Jabs (Video)

My Wife Is Smarter Than All The Ladies On Date Rush - Ignatius Jabs (Video)

Ignatius, a well-known former Date Rush contestant, has recently opened up on why he wanted to marry a woman who was not a contestant on the programme.

In an interview with Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix, Ignatius said that a man should not marry just any woman and that looks should not be the only criterion when looking for a lifetime wife.

He said that, while the ladies on the show were stunning, he did not base his decision to marry on looks alone, but on a variety of other considerations.

Ignatius went on to state that he was not particularly enthralled by the responses of the ladies, which influenced his decision to turn off all the rushes.

Ignatius revealed that his wife is a nurse and that they have become friends for a little over a year. He met her after he became popular for ‘snubbing’ all the Date Rush girls, despite the fact that two of them left their rushes on for him the whole time.

He went on to say that he made her friend and that they began talking once in a while before he knew she was really knowledgeable.


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