Hot Audio – More Details Revealed About Stacy Amoateng’s Alleged Abusive Marriage, Afia Schwar’s Failed Health Condition And More

Hot Audio – More Details Revealed About Stacy Amoateng's Alleged Abusive Marriage, Afia Schwar's Failed Health Condition And More

Following Akua GMB and Dr Kwaku Oteng’s get-together reports, there have been assaults and counter-assault from different sources.


For example, Afia Schwarzenegger has by and by assaulted Akua GMB after reports that her previous spouse, Dr Kwaku Oteng has implored her for pardoning to acknowledge him back.


Afia Schwar has said it will be absurd collection of Kwaku Oteng to do something like this. She uncovered that Akua has been the one asking and not tycoon Dr Kwaku Oteng.


Afia Schwar proceeded to refuse asserts that Stacy Amoateng has lost her position at ABN following the alleged get-together of Akua GMB and Dr Kwaku Oteng.


It has since been about assaults from different individuals who feel by one way or another irritated about the matter.


Media character, Adu Safowaa has tossed her weight behind Akua GMB as she has continually been assaulting Akua GMB’s aggressors.


Adu Safowaa has delivered questionable sound to assault Stacy Amoateng, Afia Schwarzenegger, Tracey Boakye and Diamond Amoateng who have dropped out with Akua GMB.


She talked about the supposed harmful marriage of Stacy Amoateng asserting her significant other used to slap her and undermine her until she went to Atwea Mountains to implore and save her marriage.


Adu Safowaa additionally gave Afia Schwar a portion of the unpleasant realities as she uncovered that Schwar is supposedly biting the dust inside in light of the fact that her wellbeing is falling flat.


This is only the least of what Safowaa said, tune in to the sound for all her underhanded energies;



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