Wow! Akua GMB & Dr. Kwaku Oteng Are Back Together – Insider Reveals (Video)

Wow! Akua GMB & Dr. Kwaku Oteng Are Back Together - Insider Reveals (Video)

Adu Safowaa, an actress and media personality, has hinted that company mogul Dr Kwaku Oteng and Akua GMB are reuniting as a couple.

Adu Safowaa said in a series of social media posts that Oteng and Akua both love each other and have agreed to reconcile.

After around eight years of marriage, Kwaku Oteng and Akua GMB were confirmed to have divorced in 2020.

Though none of them announced their split, they never disputed it, and Akua subsequently left her role as general manager of Oteng’s Angel TV.

Rumours have circulated on social media in recent days that Oteng has made efforts to reclaim Akua as his wife. Rumors circulated that the Angel Group president had purchased a home for Akua as a form of compensation.

Although that detail was dismissed as mere social media speculation, Afia Schwarzenegger, Akua’s former mate, gave it some credence. In a film, Schwar said that he purchased the house to have a safer home for the children he had with the former beauty queen, rather than to beg her.


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