I Still Love The NPP Very Much – Captain Smart Reveals (Video)

I Still Love The NPP Very Much - Captain Smart Reveals (Video)

Captain Smart of the Angel Broadcasting Network, who has recently been suspended, has expressed his support for the New Patriotic Party.

Journalists are expected to be impartial in Ghana’s electoral structure to keep the political parties they back out of the spotlight for various reasons.

In reality, it was unexpected for a top Ghanaian journalist like Captain Smart to make his preferred political party known to the general public.

Captain Smart was deliberating on his criticism of the government that led to his suspension during an interview with Kweku Sintim Misa on the KSM show, which aired on Pan African TV.

He believes that just because he is an NPP member and sympathizes with them does not mean he can be silent if he sees anything wrong.

“I sympathize with the NPP and I am an NPP, but because I love the party, if I see anything wrong I will never keep quiet.”


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