Life Of The DSK Unity Hall President

Life Of The DSK Unity Hall President

DSK is the abbreviation for Daniel Silas Kwabena. His full name is DSK ACQUAAH Jnr , a third year student of Disability and Rehabilitation studies here In KNUST.


He is the current Unity Hall (conti) President and an aspirant for SRC President. DSK is the 11th child of his parents. He went through though experiences by most children who come from large family members due to divisions.’


DSK dropped out of school due to financial hardship but he BELIEVED he could make changes in his family so he never gave up. He had to sell handkerchief and PK on the streets, drove a taxi in order to push himself through SHS.


He never gave up on his dreams because he BELIEVED there could be a positive change. Due to his competence he was elected the Senior Boys Prefect with 82% of student votes. He emerged the best student of his school in the WASSCE.


DSK still BELIEVED he could do better so he never ended it there, he pushed to the tertiary (KNUST).Due to his leadership skills and experience he was again elected as a floor rep for 8th Floor of Unity hall (Conti). He was then appointed to represent Unity Hall at the Local NUGS(National Union of Ghana Students)


Competence over the years has been DSK’s hall mark, He went into contest with 12 other candidates for the the Unity Hall Presidency but due to his hardwork , Dedication, Humility and competency they all backed out for DSK to go unopposed. This is how he won the Unity hall presidency.


DSK BELIEVES its not yet over
DSK BELIEVES KNUST needs more from his competency
DSK BELIEVES the story of the SRC can be rewritten




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