Debacle Ahead As SSNIT Prosecutions Office Opens Investigations Into Dag Heward Mills

Debacle Ahead As SSNIT Prosecutions Office Opens Investigations Into Dag Heward Mills

The workplace of arraignments at the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has opened examinations concerning the Lighthouse Chapel for its absence of installment of SSNIT commitments for laborers.


Six previous ministers of the congregation who have indicted the congregation over misuse and absence of SSNIT installments have additionally submitted a question to the workplace of arraignments at the state organization.


The workplace has in like manner opened an examination concerning the congregation as inability to pay SSNIT commitments of representatives abuses Ghana’s work laws and could prompt detainment.


SSNIT supposedly kept in touch with the congregation to look for explanation over why certain ministers’ commitments were not paid for quite a long time, however the congregation demands that some of them were volunteers and not representatives and that they were additionally not liable for their commitments while outside the country.

SSNIT conflicted.


A letter from the indictment’s office to Lighthouse said that the ministers did all obligations of workers including representing all their pay and use to the mother church and furthermore having their developments directed by the mother church, making them true representatives.


The SSNIT indictments administrator Emmanuel Badoo is driving the examination which conveys a punishment of undiscolosed prison term.


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