Date Rush: Trouble As Shemima’s Real Husband Surfaces To Threaten Ali (Video)

Date Rush: Trouble As Shemima's Real Husband Surfaces To Threaten Ali (Video)

In a new trending video, an alleged husband of Shemima from Date Rush has issued a stern warning to Ali to stay away from his wife.

A man who claims to be Shemima’s husband has recently appeared on the internet.

According to the man in the video, he is legally married to Shemima and they have a child .

The man identified as Nassim Houssein  vowed to deal with her and anyone who tried to take her away from him, including Ali of Date Rush.

“Akua Adams is my wife, we have a child called Suab Alanga. I taught her how to drive, I sponsored her school and gave her money… I will not allow any ‘small boy’ Ali to take her from me…”, the man notes in the video.


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