Afia Schwar, Prince David Osei and then some – Full List of Political Prostitutes and Cowards Exposed by Fix the Country Campaign – Photos

Afia Schwar, Prince David Osei and then some – Full List of Political Prostitutes and Cowards Exposed by Fix the Country Campaign – Photos

The year 2021 has uncovered a ton of decay in Ghana to the spotlight.


Legislators who came to control by lying and promising paradise on earth have been uncovered as bumbling and degenerate fraudsters. So has a few VIPs who have taken cash from these government officials to deceive Ghanaians notwithstanding all proof in actuality.


At the point when Ghanaians began a #fixthecountry development, no superstar was obliged to join. You could remain with the majority to request accountablity from our chiefs or you could quiet down and allow individuals to request what is legitimately theirs.


Anyway these VIPs I’m going to recognize, the demons who have sold their spirits for cash, not exclusively didn’t join Ghanaians to battle the public authority, they effectively retaliated against Ghanaians and protected the public authority energetically.


They did this for little more than cash, demonstrating for the 1000th time that cash is surely the base of all detestable.


On the off chance that there at any point is a heck, these celebs have the right to be sent down there for selling out the very individuals who made them who they are today.


1 Afia Schwarzenegger

Valentina Agyeiwaa otherwise known as Afia Schwarzenegger tops this rundown. It is nothing unexpected that she is the most indecent political shark in Ghana, having been a resolute NDC ally at the time they were in power.

Afia Schwar handily double-crossed the NDC for the NPP once they came into power and has since been a steadfast promoter for them while she finds the opportunity to party in America on the (asserted) citizen’s dime.

No VIP has battled against the fix the nation crusade more than Afia. She has offended Ghanaians and made silly examinations just to demonstrate her value to her paymasters.

In the event that there is an extraordinary spot in damnation for sellouts, Afia Schwar’s name ought to be first on the rundown.

2 Prince David Osei

Sovereign David Osei

Another political pretender is Prince David Osei. Osei vigorously lobbied for the NPP in the last decisions.

At the point when the NPP government began showing their underhandedness by expanding charges in the post-COVID, post-political race time, Prince David attempted to be a legend and stand up for Ghanaians. In any case, his paymasters before long reminded him who signs his checks so he ran back to freely retract all that was said.

From that point forward he has been putting forth a valiant effort to demonstrate his value to the NPP by going super in offending Ghanaians over the fix the nation crusade. A cowardly weasel had the guts to advise Ghanaians to fix themselves when we were calling attention to how the public authority had wrecked the country.

Not we all can offer our spirit to Satan and become agreeable throughout everyday life.

3. Matilda Asare

Asare showed up on United Showbiz to gaslight Ghanaians. As indicated by her, there’s nothing incorrectly in the country that requirements fixing.

Her remark is so crazy there’s actually nothing else to add. Asare has consistently been NPP and lobbied for the gathering in 2016. She sold her spirit path back.

While getting down on these zombies selling the country for cash, it’s informative to note others, for example, Efia Odo, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and others have amazingly battled for the normal individual.

Our lawmakers are uncaring toward the point that nothing may emerge from this mission except for in any event we know who the genuine loyalists are and the individuals who might offer their mom to Satan for Ghc 2.

Is there any political whore or quitter we missed in our rundown? Add yours in the remarks…


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