Date Rush Ali Cries Like A Baby After Finding Out Shemima Has A Child (Video)

Date Rush Ali Cries Like A Baby After Finding Out Shemima Has A Child (Video)

Shemima Brown, a TV3 date rush contestant, recently surprised her guy, Ali, by revealing that she was expecting a boy.

Shemima made an appearance on Date Rush on Sunday, May 17, 2021, and captivated everyone with her voluptuous appearance. Furthermore, Shemima shocked everyone by selecting the unassuming Ali as her preferred date.

Shemima did not discuss being a mother during her appearance on the show, despite the fact that she shared a lot about herself.

Shemima, however, revealed that she has a son in an interview with Zionfelix TV, which also featured Ali. Her education was cut short due to the birth of her six-year-old son, she claims.

The revelation surprised Ali, whose facial expressions gave him away before he said he didn’t know much about Shemima.

Shemima defended herself by claiming that Ali didn’t know so she didn’t reveal the details on the episode.

She clarified that she expected Ali to find out about her son as their relationship matured.


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