I Wear Expensive Clothes Just Once And Give It Out to Charity – Gospel Musician Gifty Adorye Brags

I Wear Expensive Clothes Just Once And Give It Out to Charity – Gospel Musician Gifty Adorye Brags

Gospel performer Gifty Adorye has joined the numerous superstars who gloat about vanity and material belongings.


It is written in the good book that the offspring of God free themselves off common things and focus on the realm of God however it would appear that Gifty loves the world most.


For quite a while, fans have raised worry on the conduct of the gospel artist and how excessive she dresses to occasions.


Responding to the many grumbles, Gifty Ardorye says individuals reprimanding her standpoint wish they could bear the cost of what she wears.


She proceeded to gloat that she is rich to the point that she doesn’t rehash clothing types yet give it out to companions and good cause after each occasion.


“There are individuals who can’t bear the cost of the dress you wear so when they see you dressed then they foster hypertension


“On the off chance that you give them the dress, they’ll wear but since the individual doesn’t have what you are wearing that is the reason they are talking negative about it.”


“In any case, if the individual had a few, they may see scraper lovely it is so some time I do part with the majority of the dress I wear to my fans.”


“It is something ordinary that I do so perhaps a dress I wore to some music grants or a major program when I’m set I search for who may be wearing a similar size of the dress and give it out free of charge to the individuals who may require it.”


“I do it frequently so I don’t see anything incorrectly for what reason would you grumble about my dressing it simply that you wished to be dressed like me” she said in a meeting.


Realizing very well that her remark will be condemned once more, Gifty added that “Some of them are not up to your level and some of them come to remark under your post in light of envy.”


We don’t fault her, she is hitched to a well-off politican so the cash is accessible to subsidize the excessive way of life.




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