Emotional Video Of Leticia Pinaman’s Dad Weeping Uncontrollably Surfaces (Video)

Emotional Video Of Leticia Pinaman's Dad Weeping Uncontrollably Surfaces (Video)

The father of Leticia Kyere Pinaman who was found hanged to death at Miracle High School is Sunyani has been spotted weeping sadly after learning that his daughter has died.

The news of Leticia’s demise came as a huge surprise to many Ghanaians, who couldn’t imagine anything like this could happen.

In a recent video, the mother of the deceased SHS Girl claims that her daughter did not commit suicide but was murdered by someone at the school.

In a recent social media post found by, the father of the deceased girl still couldn’t hold back his emotions.

The video shows a man wearing a blue robe walking from one location to another in tears, unable to comprehend what had happened.


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