The Right Way To Promote Your Gift Things

Be Coming A Force In Africa

No man was created empty. God has deposit into every man an abundant wealth of resources of gift things.


That no scientific approach or unit can measure the density of resources that every Man carries here on earth?

It pathetic for me to see the rate at which man contributes his potential resources to the cemetery


There are millions of men in the cemetery who never lived here on earth.

Because their Presents was never recognized here on earth.


Sometimes I go through my WhatsApp contact lists just to see what actually people uses their precious time and life to promote

It sad to see just about 0.01% of the people promote what this generation can benefit from.


These things have been my nightmare since infant.


The future that awaits the next generations to come after this very generation are likely to perish as the results of the reckless living and impacts of this vary generation

African, especially the young people of Africa must rise up, other than that, the consequences of our actions and inactions is a dangerous one.

Africa has lost its way and is leading this generation and the generations to come into undeniable DOOM

Tonight’s, I share with you, young people of Africa


The Right Way To Promote Your Gift Things

I did a survey in my community last week and out of every ten (10) young person in my community nine (9) of them has an account either with Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


What shock me from this survey was that, the ages of people I got engaged with them falls within 13-30 years

My spirit was filled with grief the night I brought my survey to an end.


It was there I realized that, young people of Africa needs HOPE to overcome the state of HOPELESSNESS

Imagine the lives that this generation could impacts if 5 out of every 10 people uses their social media accounts to promote their gift things and stuffs that could bring total transformation to the African continent.

Like Africa could be one of the safest place to live on the planet earth 🌍


But what excite my spirit is that, ALL HOPE IS NOT GONE YET.


Because God has sent me to bring back hope to the people of Africa.

This has been my greatest nightmare ever since I was a little poor kid.


And that is to see the younger generation of Africa excelling in all aspects of life.


To bring all young people of Africa to the knowledge that they can believe in themselves and are capable for achieving greatness in life

If you are on this, Be Inspired Visionaries platform today, then get ready to join our next online conference on Be Coming A Force In Africa somewhere next month.


I share with you

How To Discover Your Potential

Whichever wisdom I share with you today; I want you to instantly practice it.


And make sure you make it a point of discipline to commit fully to the course


You are the hope of Africa… That’s why you are here on this platform.

About 75% of Ghanaians call themselves Christians… Imagine a Christian country like Ghana


People who claim they fear God but don’t fear to lie. What a tragedy???

Whenever you wake up in the morning…. Say a word of prayer.


And the next thing to think of is;


 How Do I Bless Someone Else Life With My Life?


If you have discovered already what your gift is, use that to bless at least one person’s life before the sun ☀ Set.

Post on your status and other pages what you carry as your true potential and Gift.


Perhaps, you have not discovered yours yet, post there….


 It is well! Don’t Give Up Hope


Do that for one month and see the impacts it will have on your life.

As long as you try to make someone else life feels there is Hope, automatically, you’re perfecting your BELIEVE SYSTEM

Believe in yourself and your vision.


I know but only one way…. That is;


You can count on people but still fail in your pursuit but when you count on you and believe in your vision and develop consistent desire for not giving up on yourself, YOU WILL SUCCEED.



 we believe in our future self!





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