Uncovered – Family Who Raised Ghc 49,000 For Surgery Loses Son After 1 Year on Korle-Bu’s Waiting List Without Surgery Due to Lack of Beds in the ICU

Uncovered – Family Who Raised Ghc 49,000 For Surgery Loses Son After 1 Year on Korle-Bu's Waiting List Without Surgery Due to Lack of Beds in the ICU

The level to which Ghana is a bombed state is bewildering looking at this logically.


Things are awful to such an extent that going to the clinic can now and then slaughter you.


It wasn’t that some time in the past that we heard the frightening story of how youthful Michael Asiamah endured in Korle-Bu in the wake of accepting two medical procedures on a mind tumor.


As his mom related, the neurosurgical unit of the clinic was a wreck, with many cutting edge machines not accessible and things as essential as beds and cots non-existent.


She uncovered that the whole neuro ICU has 4 beds when there are a huge number of individuals requiring such medical procedures. Clearly numerous individuals would pass on the grounds that they can’t get the existence saving a medical procedure they need.


She additionally uncovered even her child was hurried off an ICU bed after a medical procedure since it was required for another person when under ideal conditions he ought to have gone through in any event seven days there in recuperation.


Her objections seem to have been approved by another account of a family who have tragically lost a child.


Francis Selormey, the uncle of perished Michael Asiamah has portrayed the tragic story of a family who needed to lose a child because of our bombed medical services framework.


As indicated by his portrayal, the youngster’s family toiled to raise Ghc 49,000 for his medical procedure however he has stayed on Korle-Bu’s holding up list since November because of absence of beds in the ICU making a uber excess.


Eventually, he kicked the bucket while never receving the medical procedure.


That is the sort of framework Ghanaians need to make due in, yet when you whine the public authority and their thugs would advise you to fix yourself.


This nation is a bombed state – we simply have not acknowledged it yet.


Peruse the portrayal beneath…


“This is the Korle-Bu careful structure. Did you realize that it’s not about cash any longer but rather in the event that one can’t discover a bed in the ward or the ICU for medical procedure you will be left helpless before death ?


God being so acceptable we had the option to manage the cost of the multitude of medications and so forth for my nephews medical procedure however the framework bombed him.. A dad raised Ghc 49,000 for his children medical procedure at the Neuro Unit. The little fellow was on stand by list from November 2020 until February 2021 and passed on basically in light of the fact that the 4 beds in the ICU were involved…


Parcel’s of alarming story’s all a direct result of a wrecked framework. Many are biting the dust yet can’t voice out, today it’s us tomorrow it very well may be anybody. Voice out !! God favor all Dr’s in Korle Bu, particularly the Neurosurgical unit. #FixKorleBu#FixOurHealthSystem#FixTheCountry,”


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