Final Note Of Leticia Pinaman Finally Found & The Content Is Shocking (Photo)

Final Note Of Leticia Pinaman Finally Found & The Content Is Shocking (Photo)

The unexpected demise of young Miracle High School final year student, Leticia Pinaman has been trending for some days now.

According to previous reports, the 14-year-old girl was discovered hanging in the school’s dining hall by a classmate and left a note that reads, “there is so much sorrow and pain in my heart.”

However, a complete note reportedly written by Leticia before she committed suicide has been recovered in a social media post.

The note indicated that she was often ignored by those she considered friends and others she wanted to respect her more.

She mentions in the note that her friends only come around when she has plenty of food, which made her unhappy; she had the impression that she was only loved for what she could afford to his friends.

Leticia has not been happy since enrolling in the boarding house because her days were full of sorrow and that life was being cruel to her and she thinks her fate is not a good thing, according to the note.

The note went on to say that she had no one to talk to about her issues, not even at home, which made her feel alone much of the time.

She reportedly wrote in the note that she was conscious that the announcement of her death would be upsetting to her parents, but she had no choice.


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