KNUST Student Caught Recording Videos Of Ladies [email protected] To Sell Them (Video)

KNUST Student Caught Recording Videos Of Ladies [email protected] To Sell Them (Video)

A Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) student is being held by police for secretly filming ladies taking baths in the halls.

According to sources, this student, whose name has been withheld, planted a camera in the ladies’ bathrooms that correctly tracks them while they take a bath without their knowledge.

After the ladies have taken their showers, he goes into the bathroom and retrieves the films, filters them beautifully, and supposedly sells them online for a fee.

One @biarubi confirmed this news, disclosing that the said student has been doing this for a long time and that, considering the fact that he has been caught, ladies on the KNUST campus should exercise extreme caution while entering washrooms.

He wrote: This person is a really disgusting human and regardless of him being at the police, I’m naming. and shaming. girls, please be very. very. careful. my babes in tech be careful.


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