Break The Rule, Live A Successful Life

Live A Successful Life

All of us in life in one way or another, didn’t get lucky.

Because Once at a point in life, life fuck us all.

Those of us who never had a rich Dad or a powerful uncle to create for us that compelling future, had one thing in life.

That’s The Attitude To Change

First is the attitude to change our thinking and believe systems

So far in my life, I haven’t meet or seen any successful person who does things normally as everyone do in the society and has become successful.

In order to move from the ground to the top, you must break the rule

Because you can’t be doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result.

You must be violent

You must become a problem

You must be difficult to understand

You must be free from the prison of the society

You must rebel against the old norms

You must deny your critics

You must be able to break the rule on a consistent basis

Other than that, achieving significant success will always be a Dream.

Because no one can live beyond their Believe System

Society is always designed that you will never be successful

You must do things different from what people call the NORM

Secondly, you must not be a religious person or be a prisoner to any religion

All these structures in the society have been designed not to make you become successful and significant to your generation.

The limit to your potential is not what society has imposed on you but by your own thinking and perception about how you see this magical thing called Life.

The great achievers of time in the persons of

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Nelson Mandala

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

To mention a few, these are who left the society to build their Dream.

Charles Babbage Who is the mother of computer built the first computer in a garage.

At a point, he has to leave college to build his dream

These guys are no different from you and I.

But what makes them stand out is something called vision.

Vision is not a product of the eyes

But vision, is the product of the heart

Vision simplifies life and helps you identify yourself

Today, I visited the cemetery to walk around people’s Graves…

I saw ages ranging from 20s up to 125….And all these people once lived here on earth 🌍

But the question is, did we meet them?

There are millions of people who lived here on earth but we never meet them…

Their existence here on earth created no significant legacy for their generation…

The Richest Place Here On Earth Is The Grave Yard

Yet people have signed a life time contract with the cemetery that they will only contribute their limitless potential to the grave.

Don’t die as man who once lived here on earth 🌍, but his generation never met him.

Die as an empty Man who delivered his potential to his generation.

I want you to be able to create meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life for yourself and learn how to use that to make an impact in your life and a significant difference in the life of others.

That, Will Be True Success



 we believe in our future self!


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