Stunning Moment Six Ladies Dating One Man Scattered His Secret Wedding

Stunning Moment Six Ladies Dating One Man Scattered His Secret Wedding

A cheerful Ghanaian lady who just got hitched throughout the end of the week has confronted a gigantic stun after her new spouse was uncovered as a womanizer.


Not long after their wedding reached a conclusion, it has arisen that the person is a supposed womanizer who was dating 6 women simultaneously.


An advisor who has been mentoring one of the crushed women came out to drop subtleties of how the person was dating a few women immediately, while he was getting ready to wed one of them.


He was obviously smooth to the point that he had various hideaways to remain with the various women and they never got some answers concerning one another.

The advisor has subsequently uncovered the fellow and cautioned him to come and apologize to her customer he hurt or she would drop more proof about their undertaking which would annihilate his new marriage.

Rad the record of the specialist beneath…


Dear Netizens,

I thought Richard Agu’s wedding would have been an exercise to certain men yet it appears to be the story is extraordinary. I’m getting down on one man on Facebook today. His name is Albert Nii Akpor Anteh and works with one of the main broadband suppliers in Ghana. To him, he think he is savvy and that nobody thinks about how he works.

This man as of late got hitched to Ms. Daisy Naa Korkoi three ends of the week prior. This man was dating different ladies before his wedding. That is certainly not nothing to joke about for me since certain men like to take a stab at women prior to choosing one. What nerves me about this man is that he is as yet dating other honest ladies to the side his better half at this point.

The tragic part of the circumstance is that a portion of these blameless women don’t realize he as of late got hitched generally on a purposely serene function. Some additionally had the stun of seeing their beau and his new spouse Daisy via web-based media and are shattered.

This man lived with these women on a shift framework, or on the off chance that you will a various twofold track or different track framework. He meandered with them in lodgings and had fun time with them. His primary pardon was that he will move from his acquired spot at Teshie with them to his undertaking which he will before long be finishing. This was an intentional ploy to stay away from any of the women picking piece of information on his numerous dating experiences.

Indeed, even on the Wednesday going before his end of the week wedding function, he was with one of the women who saw his marriage pictures on the next Sunday. The photos were his beau and recently wedded spouse, Daisy via online media.

This man carried on with a twofold life and surprisingly his storerooms companions don’t realize that he is a collection of mistresses guardian. Somebody will say this is an acrid grapes from frustrated sweetheart however then I was never his darling yet has conscious of the information about his tasks.

For instance, since he knows his twofold guidelines towards these women will be hazardous for a quiet wedding function, he welcomed a couple of companions to bring down the danger of being uncovered. Ghanaians in the standard tame mode will say offer it to God and proceed onward. Indeed, we will proceed onward yet I will deliver the information about the women, the lodgings and the names of the wellbeing offices he went with this women to end pregnancies that happen during his experience with them. This will keep unwary honest casualties from succumbing to his ruthless practices. Folks I am calling him out now since he hasn’t changed and will apply this his strategies again on other guiltless ladies.

Albert Nii Akpor Anteh don’t think nobody knows your techniques thus you can keep on going after women. The manner in which you treated these women were corrupt and untrustworthy and I wouldn’t have any desire to spill it out however I have opened a couple of keys today so Daisy will know the sort of individual she has engaged with.

In the first place , you laid down with these women without condom since you needed a full sensation however disclosed to them they were the solitary women you were going out with. You realize this isn’t accurate and I can fabricate a site to transfer the photos and different subtleties however considering the adverse consequence it will have on Daisy.

You could likewise have cut off the friendship with the wide range of various ladies when you chose Daisy. In any case, you couldn’t have cared less.

Dear men on the off chance that you begin something with a woman and don’t have any designs for her compassionately let her be for the folks who are prepared to come ready. Try not to burn through their time until your wedding night and still keep seeking after them after your marriage. At any rate let them realize you’re currently hitched. Your new spouse, Daisy, might be an honest woman to your savage conduct and whatever this women say.

This is only the main section of a more drawn out running arrangement. I’m hanging tight for him to arrive at these crushed women and apologize separately to them. Any endeavor to protect weak will mean a site will be constructed giving photos of these casualties, the bars, the food joints and inns. This will be truamatising to his new spouse yet it will help mend one of the casualties who is my patient. I’m a specialist who assists individuals with recuperating from profound disloyalties.

At the point when Agu’s issue came you were such a great amount on the subject all since you end up in the classification. You think you have prevailing by turning these various women to wed the affection for your life yet much to your dismay your grimy garments will be washed outside.

Daisy may not have a clue about the shameful subtleties of your savage conduct however she is going to know the sort of man she got married to. Winniefred Narh #brokenheart


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