Popular Kumasi Fraud Boy K!lled By His Friend After Buying New Range Rover (Video)

Popular Kumasi Fraud Boy K!lled By His Friend After Buying New Range Rover (Video)

Akwasi Boakye, a 23-year-old popular Kumasi Sakawa guy from Kronum Aboahia, a Kumasi neighborhood in the Ashanti Region, has died hours after purchasing a brand new Range Rover.

Many people were taken aback by his demise due to the circumstances surrounding it.

According to a complaint submitted by an Angel FM journalist in Kumasi, Akwasi Boakye went out to buy a brand new Range Rover and took it home with a buddy who lives in his leased flat.

According to the friend who is now on the run, Akwasi Boakye received a call about 2 a.m. from an unknown number to cover his freshly purchased whip with the same material he used to cover his old automobile.

The friend went on to say that he heard numerous gunshots as soon as Akwasi Boakye stepped outside to accomplish what the anonymous caller requested him to do.

He realized at this moment that Akwasi Boakye had been shot by unknown intruders. He went on to say that when Akwasi Boakye fought to flee his assailant inside his room, he was shot in the neck again.

Though he was able to reach his room, it was too late for him as he passed away. Akwasi Boakye was discovered dead in a pool of blood when police arrived.


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