Captain Smart Tells Kwaku Oteng As He Quits Angel Broadcasting

Captain Smart Tells Kwaku Oteng As He Quits Angel Broadcasting

Candid telecaster Captain Smart has authoritatively left Angel Broadcasting organization, data circling via web-based media uncovers.


This news come a long time after he was suspended for thrashing individuals with impact and force without considerable proof.

As indicated by reports, Captain Smart has finished his work with Dr. Kwaku Oteng and his media organization in an extremely cruel and sensational manner.


His acquiescence was first reported on his self named Online TV station, Smart TV, at that point a video sprung up where he was supposedly shielding why he quit.

Commander Smart was said to have told his previous manager that he was not a poor person when he (Dr. Kwaku Oteng) came to utilize him and he won’t pass on of craving when he stops.

He likewise boasted that the tycoon has effectively sent representatives to his home to ask for his return however it is extremely unlikely he is returning to Angel Broadcasting.


Every one of these cases was made, as per reports, in a video that is not, at this point in the Facebook page of Captain Smart.

We are following this information for true acquiescence letter or declaration from Angel Broadcasting and will encourage perusers to remain stuck for additional.


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