Details On The DSK Lobbying For More Buses For Students At Medical Village, Boadi And Others

Details On The DSK Lobbying For More Buses For Students At Medical Village, Boadi And Others

Unity Hall president, Master Daniel Silas Kwabena Acquah popularly known as DSK has Started the advocation on behalf of students on the transport services and Buses that are not enough to convey students to further distance for lectures ie places like Medical Village, Boadi.


The DSK wrote to the Dean Of Students to discuss such a significant matter informing the administrational body of KNUST that on the past few months students who have been going for lectures off campus ie Medical village , Boadi and others have been complaining that they are facing a great difficulty when going for lectures.


That is few buses that are already in service gets full and leaves early and since they are few, students who have early classes have to wait behind for such buses go to a further distance like that before coming to convey left back students.


Complaints from students states that by that time the buses comes for them time will be far spent and this is something that is bothering students and eating into their lecture time.


Master Daniel Silas Kwabena Acquah known as DSK being the head and the first gentleman of Unity Hall have an interest in all students affairs and he says this felt as a responsibility to inform the Administrational body about the hurdles faced by students regularly.


DSK further goes on and explain that most students have been missing their important lectures in the morning only because they are too late to reach for the 8am class and It would be really helpful if you approve the idea of commencement of more Campus bus services or Shuttles.


Further information says the vice Dean is in on this nice idea that was raised by DSK by listening to students and being the voice that advocates for students all the time and that immediate action will be taken upon such a project.


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