KNUST -GADRES First Female President And A Male Vice President

History Is About To Be Made At The Center Of Disability And Rehabilitation Studies

Information reaching the desk of Giant News Ghana is a history which is about to take place at Gadres. Ghana Association Of Disability and Rehabilitation Studies.

Over the past years the association has seen men mounting the podium as

President aspirants but currently there has been a twist. Giant News Ghana can’t say much but we hope to get to the bottom of this amazing history yet to happen.


God willing , it has been known to us that VETTING comes off at the Gadres Department- KNUST for this


amazing couples; the first female aspirant and her Veep for the Presidential race. Our source states that the


Presidential Aspirant’s Veep is one of the coolest guys who could have gone for the presidential race himself but


has no intention for running for the portfolio himself but in turns throws his support for the female lady.

But the Question is WHY?

We hope to find out soon.


We hope to bring to you pictures and footage of this amazing union yet to make a history soon.


We cannot wait ourselves.


How does the current President feels?


The Vice- President of HESA  is also meant to have held the portfolio of the President at the GADRES



department before he resigned to become the Health Student Associations President running mate.



Couldn’t this guy has followed his mentor’s foot steps??



The aspirant VEEP has a close relationship with the Gadres President; why didn’t they convince him to go for the



portfolio himself? but intends throws his support for his course rep?


do you call this an intelligent move?

Sources says that his status is always updated with one of the current HESA ASPIRANTS who have been said to have forged signatories?


Does he intends to run for HESA himself one day?


With all the above leaked info we have, We at Giant News believes he did a great job by believing in the lady. It our prayers they go far.


Just keep reading our articles for an updates this whole week.




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