What To Do When The Uncertainty Happens In Your Life

Uncertainty Ahead

One thing I’ve learnt in life is,


 We don’t get in life what we want, we get in life what we have.

If you’re scared to let the good things in life go for the greater things to come,


You can’t make any significant difference in life.


Because it is what you have, that can fetch you what you want.

Nothing is gonna come easy….


Not even what you already have. Sometimes you ought to deny yourself some pleasures in life in order to make a difference.

We get our lives so complicated trying to make the impossible come…. If you can’t change it, *LET IT GO*


And focus on beating your records every day.

Don’t be scared to make mistakes… Doing something and getting it wrong is at least 10 times more productive than doing nothing.


The truth is, no man can change the REALITY OF LIFE


The more it gets real, the tougher it becomes and that thing is called life.

Don’t put yourself under stress instead, focus on developing and improving on yourself.



When you develop yourself to fit into any situation nature present to you, life becomes easy and simple

It is not what you always see that’s all there… As you get closer, you will see farther…


Don’t get overwhelmed with tough times… There’s always hope for you…. You just have to keep pushing….

Today may be difficult and tomorrow may be more painful but the day after tomorrow, may be a laughter…


Keep all your hopes alive and never break your discipline.


For a man with ambition is capable of anything


“Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. Even the lowest man can rise beyond the heavens. “

Go as far as you can go…. Believe in yourself as long as you have breath….



Because every day is an opportunity to recondition your life into an incredible land of possibilities.


Stop competing with others…. Life is an Express road so overtaking is allowed.

Everything happens according to our time, our clock.


They have their own timing clock and so do you.

Listen carefully, everything happens for a reason and the reason to every occurrences is a Mistry.


No One can predict what the future holds but you can presume your future base on what you do today.


That’s Why Today Is Called Present

Leave everyday with passion and wonder.


Make every breadth in your life counts…. Because Albert Eustein said…


 ” Not everything that counts can be counted… And not everything that counted true counts”





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