Moesha Buduong Against Prophet Nigel Gaisie Is It Not Surprising? Click To Check Out

Actress and Instagram model Moesha Buduong has gone hard on prophet Nigel Gaisie on some comments he made in an interview not too long ago


The IG model has called on all Ghanaians not to pay attention to all these folks who claim to be men of God


Prophet Nigel Gaisie in his recent interview said that, womanizing and alcoholism does not make man fall short on the sight of God

He further stated that, if all these things are to deprive man from God’s love, like the likes of king David and king Solomon in the Bible wouldn’t be men after God’s heart ♥


This statement made by the prophet Nigel has made Moesha gone mad


She wrote 👇👇👇


 “Guys read the Bible and don’t allow these men of God brainwash you ❤️God is pure …”


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