Police Arrested 33 Years Old Woman For Using Human Meat As Kebbab In Kumasi

News reaching Giant News Ghana is that; Ghana police has arrested a 33 years old woman who kills human and sell it as kebbab in the capital of Ashanti region Kumasi

According to the report, this woman for past 8 years has been suspected for killing people but since the community has no evidence to against her, she thought no one was monitoring her activities

This killer is noted to be someone who will never say “NO” to any man who proposes Love to her

What she does was that, when she agrees to your proposal, later you’ll disappear from the community

Not knowing she kills the men and Use their meat as kebbab

Until she recently sent a little boy to her house who never returned and that led to her arrest after the police was informed she’s the one behind the little boy’s demise

She later, accepted that, she killed the boy when his body was found dead and has been cut sizable meat






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