Fameye Blasted By Ghanaians For Jubilating Over Wizkid Instagram Follow

Ghanaian singer, Peter Famiyeh Bozer, who is commonly known as Fameye, has been blasted by his music fans for stooping low to worship Nigerian singer Wizkid, just because the latter followed him on Instagram.

Fameye posted recently in which he was seen jubilating over the fact that the Grammy award winner was now following him and stated that, he did not know what he should do.

However, Ghanaians are not happy with his actions, citing the fact that he is also a musician who is well known in the country. Ghanaians did not waste time in blasting him at all.

We all know that Wizkid is far ahead of Fameye in music terms. However, both of them are well-known musicians and as such, Fameye’s actions came across as being childish.



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