Former Bullion Van Driver Makes Shocking Revelations In Wake Of Recent Armed Robbery Attacks

A former bullion van driver has made some shocking revelations in wake of the recent attack on a bullion van that claimed the lives of a young police officer and woman.

According to the former driver, the bullion van drivers were paid an amount of just GHS 100 and given GHS 30 worth of airtime to call in case there was an emergency. He stated that the GHS 100 was paid as a risk allowance.

He also revealed that he sometimes had to share his GHS 100 risk allowance with some of the tellers of the bank.

Going further, the former driver revealed that he and other bullion drivers had no insurance covers apart from their SSNIT. He also said that the bullion vehicles had no safety and communicative features to help them in times of emergencies.


This comes after the recent attack on a bullion van by armed robbers in Accra that left a young policeman and a middle-aged female trader dead. The robbers also made away with some amount of money that was in the van as well as the gun that belonged to the policeman.



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