John Mahama Borrowed Only 54b And Yet You Could See Developmental Projects Everywhere – Annan Perry Arhin

There is this popular post making waves on Ghana twitter about formal president of the republic; His excellency John Dramani Mahama


Miss. Annan Perry on the #fixthecountry agenda posted today sharing her views and consent about the current hardship state about this country


In her post, was indicating that during the time of Mahama, Ghanaians complained seriously about everything which not well with the nation with numerous reasons


Miss Annan further emphasis that; though we complain, Mahama borrowed only 54b yet you could see and sense developmental projects everywhere in the country

Furthermore, she added; under president Akuffu Addo’s reign for 5 years, he has borrowed over 154b but have nothing to show Ghanaians

This post has called for so many political debate on twitter


Read some reactions from consent Ghanaian citizens who feels everything is not alright under this Akuffu Addo’s government.


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