Police Arrested 3 People In Connection With Viral Armed Men Video

Police in the Ashanti Region has arrested three men who appeared in a viral video a week ago.

In the said video, four men could be seen brandishing pistols and pump-action shotgun whiles saying that everyone should run away. After the video went viral, there were calls by a lot of people on social media that the men should be arrested, stating that they were armed robbers. The men however denied the allegations that they were robbers, stating that they were galamsay boys instead.

The police have finally heeded to call and arrested 3 of the men while a fourth one is believed to have made a run for it. Police are on the hunt for the fourth suspect.

During the arrest, the police retrieved several weapons from them.

However, comments on social media suggest that the men actually handed themselves over to the police in order to deny the armed robbery allegation being leveled against them by the police.



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