Love Has Power: Stephanie Benson Inspired Fans With 32-Years-Old Wedding Pictures – Check It Out

Stephanie Benson has inspired her fans and haters after posting a very adoring 32-years old wedding pictures.

The pictures are of Stephanie and her white husband, John Benson, during their wedding celebration.

The occasion marks their 32nd wedding anniversary.

Stephanie has took to social media to celebrate this memorable day

To signify the amazing moment that now belongs to the past and how they have contained every single moment of their union

she posted two pictures……their wedding photo and one taken recently.

Stephanie added an emotional anniversary message.

And wrote on Instagram:

“Thank you soo much everyone for your beautiful wishes. This 32yr road has been challenging but beautiful. The rollercoaster of Wealth and occasional hardship, the reality of bringing up 5 children, English private schools, holidays etc could kill a bank balance but we made it through, Still strong, still working😂 and still in love❤️.

“Marriage is not an easy Commitment to undertake and should not be taken lightly. “An angry mouth, will always house an unhappy tormented soul and will kill any marriage.” Trust your partner, Encourage each other to be better, Support with love, Listen with your heart, Respect unconditionally and Communicate with kind words. I’m soo honored and blessed to have amazing InstaFriends. Thanks again my darlings. I Love you💋”

She has really done well to maintain in a marriage from 1989 till today.

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