See Some Beautiful Pictures Of Lil Wayne Before He Damaged His Body With Tattoos (Photo)

One of the 21st century hip pop singer Lil Wayne Well known as Young money or cash money started his career in music at a tender age


He is known as one of the icons in hip pop with his first song ft. Fat Joe, Snoop Dog etc.


In 2006, he released one of his hit song “Lollipop”


Lil Wayne started music at a very young age. At a point, he dropped out of school to pursue his career in music


However, Lil Wayne have been declared died on many occasions. He’s suffering a very dangerous illness at the moment of which his doctors has proved that, it’s as a result of his too many tattoos on the skin


Before he destroyed his body with tattoos, Lil Wayne looks very handsome and clean


His reckless tattoos deformed his face by giving him an unpleasant looks…. He tattooed all his body to the extent that even some of his friends and fans hated him for that.


Lil Wayne known to be a very good and close friend to the formal president of the United States of America Donald Trump


See Lil Wayne’s photos at his younger age without any tattoos on the skin


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