“Gyimi saa. You go learn sense next time” Social Media Reacts To Xandy Kamel Begging Salma Mumin

Actress Xandy Kamel has finally apologized to fellow actress, Salam Mumin after claiming on live TV that the latter was a prostitute who covered it up with acting.

This comes after Salma Mumin took legal action against Xandy Kamel and Angel TV for the defamatory comments. Kamel said during the show that Salma Mumin was an escort who covered up her prostitution job with acting.

However, after Salma Mumin took the case to court, Xandy Kamel is now seeking forgiveness. According to her, what she said on the TV was taken from a different source and not something she had evidence of by herself. She also stated that she looked forward to working with Salma.

Several people on social media have reacted to the apology.



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