Lydia Forson Criticize Why Most Things In Ghana Are Priced In Dollars

Ghanaian actress, writer and producer, Lydia Forson has criticize why most things in Ghana are priced in dollars. This popular Ghanaian actress was not content about the growth in a post sighted by Zionfelix.net.

“I need to understand what goes into pricing anything in this country and why MOST are priced in DOLLARS. Rent: DOLLARS Hotel: DOLLARS Enjoyment: DOLLARS. It’s almost as if Ghana is not for Ghanaians anymore. And to afford anything you must earn or be able to pay DOLLARS?!” – Lydia Forson writes, from her twiter page.

Lydia couldn’t gauge why these things are priced in dollars from hotel, rent, enjoyment and other things. She deplore that one must struggle to pay or get these things in dollars.


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