“Shatta Wale Is Indeed A Confused Person” Netizens Descend On Dancehall Singer For Contradicting Himself

Social media users have descended on Ghanaian dancehall star, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr, for his latest comments regarding the unrest in Ejura.

The singer in a post on Facebook told the protesters that they should rather fix themselves and stop misbehaving. He also stated that the people should not get up and go and protest simply because someone told them to do so.

However, this has incurred the wrath of people on social media who have been able to see that the artist has been contradicting himself.

Shatta Wale seems to have made an earlier post in which he could be seen urging the people to get up and fight and stop writing nonsense on social media because that wasn’t going to solve the problem.

There are also several other posts concerning the matter in which the artist seems to be standing on both sides of the line.

From this, one can see that Shatta Wale does know which side of the matter to support. He just seems to be talking because he thinks he has to be talking.

Several people on social media are now stating that maybe Arnold Baidoo was right when he labeled the singer as ‘confused and inconsistent’



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