Showboy Begs Ghanaians On Behalf Of Shatta Wale, Says Shatta Wale Has Bipolar Disorder

Former member of AMG Business, Showboy, has asked Ghanaians to forgive his godfather, Shatta Wale, over comments he made concerning the fixthecountry campaign that has been going on for a while now.

Shatta Wale has made two contradictory comments concerning the issue. In the first one, he urged people to stop typing on social media and go out and fight for change. Then he contradicted himself recently by stating that the people should stop the needless protests and fix themselves.

This caused a large section of the public to bash him, stating that he was indeed a confused person as stated by Arnold Baidoo.

According to Showboy, Shatta Wale is suffering from Bipolar Disorder, hence his contradictory comments. Showboy stated that Shatta Wale is rich today so he has forgotten that he didn’t have a swimming pool to brag about some time ago.



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