Watch Video Of Armed Soldiers Assaulting Wa Residents

On Thursday, July 1, a lost mobile phone allegedly belonging to one of the soldiers caused some armed soldiers to abuse residents of Wa in the Upper West Region.

Rendering to one spectator, one of the soldiers is alleged to have lodged what is mentioned to as “Yellow Yellow” or “Mahama Cambo” and his lost phone. The incident happened in the Wa main traffic around 1:00pm which lasted for almost an hour. Several of the wounded are said to have nonstop marks of injury. Two of them are presently admitted at the Wa Municipal Hospital.This happened after the soldiers open fire on activists at Ejura in the Ashanti Region, leading to the death and wounded activists.

The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council, Cletus Awuni, who was also a victim voiced to Citi FM based in Accra that, the soldiers abused him for taking video of the incident happening.

Cletus gave details “I got a call that the military personnel was brutalizing people in town. We saw that they were beating everybody. In the process of inquiring why people were being beaten, I was also beaten. I called the Military Commander to find out what was happening and he said he didn’t know anything about what they were doing, so the commander said he wanted to call 2nd in Command. As we were speaking, people were being beaten, so decided to take a video and send it to the commander, so he sees what the boys are doing. They saw that I was filming them, and they asked why I was filming them. I said I was on a phone call with their commander, then they started beating me up.

They demanded that I delete the video, and I told them I won’t delete it. They started using the Taser on me to delete the video. It took the intervention of one police DSP to shout at them that they are beating the PRO of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council before they stopped beating me….They gave my phone back to me, and I was driven to the hospital by my driver.”

Watch the video below…..



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