Sista Afia Refuses To Support #FixTheCountry Movement

Ghanaian singer, Sista Afia, has revealed that she is not going to support the #FixTheCountry movement until she has been given enough tangible reasons.

This FixTheCountry hashtag has been trending and people have been voicing their discontent with the government all over social media. The people are seeking to cause the government to fix the mess that it has created in the country because the standard of living has become too hard.

There are some celebs who have joined the movement while others have remained quiet about it. However, Sista Afia states that she will only join the movement when she understands clearly what it is about. in an interview on TV# Tonight she stated “I am not going to say I support #FixTheCountry. I am seeking clarity before I publically support it or not”

She also revealed that she was actually torn between the two movements.


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